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Section of Council and General Affairs

Council and General Affairs handled by the section include
I. Council Affairs
The office handles Meeting Schedule and Agenda of
1. The University council
2. The administrative council
3. The committee for budget supervision
4. The Committee for University evaluation
5. The committee for faculties complains review
6. Any urgent or unscheduled meeting
II. Official Document Processing
Document processing handled by the section includes
1. General processing of documents from various units of the University
2. Reviews and responds to important documents from various units of the University
3. Handles the confidential documents and telecommunications
III. General Affairs
General affairs handled by the section include
1. Planning and implementing important University resolutions
2. Fulfilling tasks assigned by the president
3. Processing important plans and resolutions submitted by various units of the University
4. Recording important events of the University
5. Collecting and compiling materials related to the history of the University
6. Handling common documents
7. Filing and classifying common documents
8. Handling the routine works